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Another Terrace Morning

It's always a good morning in LA the night after the Lakers beat the Celtics. But it's still a little surprising to see the team in gold on the road. Magic, a vet of many road victories over Boston, tweets at the beginning of the fourth: "If the Lakers are going to win, Kobe has to take over." He did.

BTW, did the Cavs win last night?

Governor Brown hits the tarmac in Burbank and talks to business leaders in LA about taxes. He is looking for buy-in for raising them.

Serial Constitution-trampler Carmen the Clown Trutanich does not have a wide view of the right to peacefully assemble. He's prosecuting DREAM Act protesters--read Mexican-American students--to the full extent of the law. "We should be incarcerating those who are truly public threats as opposed to students who are raising their voices out of passion for a cause," said Councilman Ed Reyes.

You might like to see our coverage of the CD 4 candidate forum from last night. Councilman LaBonge had a couplethree scruffy plants in the audience who would cheer him for saying things like, "We need to put everything on the table."

The petty and vindictive side of Brian D'Arcy was addressed by Councilwoman Jan Perry yesterday, who called the DWP union boss's spending in the CD 8 race "a ridiculous tantrum." The union boss has spent $100,000 on Councilman Bernard Parks' opponent.

Mitch Englander typo-howler in CityWatch: he calls Enterprise Zones "particularly valuable to the Chatsworth and Northridge areas of the 14th District..." That would be his own district, the 12th. Englander favors Enterprise Zones, which have become a defining issue in the district. I was talking to Englander opponent Kelly Lord last night, and Lord, also a Republican as Englander is, asks, "If we have to lower taxes in a certain part of the city to lure business, what's really wrong here? Of course, taxes are too high all over the city."

The sober-living homes controversy is also heating up as an issue in the District. Englander has been carrying water for Councilman Greig Smith on this one; the two of them want a city ordinance that would define sober-living homes as boardinghouses, subjecting them to more regulation. The would-be statute is called the Community Care Facility Ordinance. Lots of key community stakeholders are proud of their board roles on various sober-living homes in Englander's district. It's doubtful that the ordinance can pass Council. The issue also gets Orlov treatment in the Daily News. Challenger Brad Smith has subtly added an endorsement from a group called "Democratic Activists for Disability Issues" to his dossier, and challenger Kelly Lord questions the broader social impact of shutting down homes that work to rehabilitate people.