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Another Terrace Morning

Firth & foremost.

AOL likes to buy eyeballs, and now it is buying the HuffPo's for $315 million. It would be nice if Arianna would now pay all her bloggers, and maybe they are hoping against hope. It won't happen, because there are too many greedy investors to pay first.

The truth is that the HuffPo, if it indeed turned a profit last year from $60 million in ad revenue (and how could it not?), could even be worth the money paid for it. The question is, what heft of profit? A $20 million profit would make the Huffpo worth that much money, but even a $10 million profit would still make the deal wildly expensive.

There is a tidy piece in the Daily Breeze on the political gamesmanship behind the California high speed train, now two years down the line from voter approval and no track laid yet.

Back on planet earth, the Mike Trujillo memo may be a game changer in CD 14--it is certainly a narrative changer for today, a day that should have been all good news for the Jose Huizar campaign. It breathes yet more life into the Martinez campaign, and gave the City Hall cynics every piece of evidence they needed to validate their own cynicism. The fact that the story landed on tv news, where things matter more, is a setback for the Huizar campaign. It also gives the Martinez campaign something to point to every time a charge comes up against their own candidate.

But it was heartbreaking to see because Mike Trujillo is not that kind of guy. He has increasingly become the target of this kind of invective, in fact, at LA's political sewer, MayorSam, the reactionary right blog that solidly supports Martinez. At MayorSam many Latinos in politics are routinely vilified as gangsters and mobsters (Huizar is always called "charro Huizzy Corleone" there, for instance), slurred in posts and also more virulently in anonymous comments that are most likely written by the three idiotic sociopaths who presently blog their support for Martinez there [ed., only two of them support Martinez]. When you are working a campaign, you have to be bigger than the guttersnipe and the race-baiters 100% of the time, and for a costly moment, Trujillo wasn't.

It's a better day for another Trujillo. Mario Trujillo made his candidacy for DA official on Saturday night. Other candidates worked the room. This Trujillo thinks that Steve Cooley is retiring.

The Times has endorsed Mitch Englander in CD 12. Showing a new willingness to be patronizing along with the same old willingness to remain irrelevant, the editorial board calls him "the best of several good choices."

One of the pasty white guys at the Daily News is computing Dennis Zine and his staff's salary in bags of asphalt (162,059).