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Another Terrace Morning

Chief, is this an inquiry, or an investigation, or are we just kind of waiting for the burrito truck?

Zephyr Teachout FBs: "Did Mubarek see his shadow?" Also, Punxsutawney Phil did...not. And Phil Jennerjahn...will.

A simple majority of Californians believe that we can fix the State's finances without raising taxes. At least, you can intuit that through the fact that 56% favor retaining the 2/3 of the vote threshold on revenue propositions.

David Zahniser fleshes out the story that broke yesterday about a pool of Rudy Martinez donors in the CD 14 race: "L.A. County D.A. looks into money laundering allegation in council race." Martinez Consultant Eric Hacopian says "The campaign is not the subject of this inquiry." Carlos Lira's allegation is serious: "He [Juan Carlos Jaramillo] said, 'Dude, do you have a checking account? We need to give more money to Rudy.'" While it remains a shame that the district's ordinary issues are still not being discussed, it is certainly good to have Zahniser back to reporting events that are happening in real time.

Correction: Nick Pacheco writes street-hassle wishing for me to distinguish between actions involving people working for his law firm and actions involving him directly. It's a fair point, and we corrected an item to reflect his concern. The text used to read "DA opens inquiry on Martinez campaign financier" and it now reads "Martinez campaign finances." I don't agree that the original text specifically suggests Nick himself, but his name is indeed all over the post, in bold even, so I've honored his concern. He also adds that "my law office never made a contribution to the Martinez campaign." Pacheco is described in Zahniser's report today as "a former councilman who supports Martinez."

Last night, LAUSD District 3 Tamar Galatzan and Louis Pugliese both spoke to Beckford Elementary PTA in Porter Ranch. Hours before the event, a Galatzan staffer called the school's principal, admonishing the school to keep its PTA ducks in a row because the PTA's president had been "hostile" to Galatzan in the past.

In other LAUSD news, Dr. Richard Vladovic won his battle to delay the start of early schooling for another year. LAUSD's academic year will now start after Labor Day. At one point, Vladovic was the lone supporter of delaying the early start in 2011.

Zuma Dogg
is getting impatient with the City dragging its feet on a settlement with him involving a Venice Beach ordinance. The City had indeed lost the dispute.

Someone on acid broke into Moby's house in LF, and all Moby gave him was a lousy sweatshirt.