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When Kristin met Tomas

Why does community activist weedwacker Kristin Sabo hate City Council candidate Tomas O'Grady so much?

I don't really know. Even now. Still. But I do know that Sabo is very quick to accuse everyone she disagrees with of being deranged, obsessive, or worse. There may be issues there.

Yet another anonymous poster at Griffith Park Wayist (a blog I once wrote for along the way) went for the hatchet on O'Grady yesterday.

The post is bad enough; but the blog is now publishing anonymous comments like this one:

His temper and wacho-ness are legend in the Los Feliz area. His cult followers remind me of Jim Jones/David Koresh groupies, also walking around with blinders.
I am fairly legend in the Los Feliz area myself. But I've never experienced either his temper nor any wacho-[sic]-ness, nor the cult groupies.

The classification is way out of bounds. It's Hate, with a capital H. But we've heard Hate with a capital H from Kristin herself, too, regarding O'Grady.

We asked O'Grady about this two weeks ago and he said, "We've had strong debates in Neighborhood Council. For me, that's what's supposed to happen at community meetings. Strong debate is a good thing."

In short, the guy is Irish. Contentious, yes. Good looking to a fault. As a pol, a bit wrinkled--maybe campaign manager John Thomas will iron out some of that.

But Branch Davidian too? Engagingly lapsed, he doesn't even go to church.

Sabo also hates Tom LaBonge, to nearly the same degree. Sabo has a lot of angry passion. She also wears a lot of keys.

I don't know that it's a good idea to have so many people at the Griffith Park Wayist blog hiding under complete anonymity while sniping so virulently. There are some deep-seated issues there that might best be brought to light with faces fully unmasked. It could even make for good debate; Irish style debate, not no-fly-list style debate. I'd like to see these people argue issues instead of wag fingers.

Meanwhile: Kristin Sabo should be smart enough to know that Tomas and Stephen have to poll 50% of the vote together for one of them to have a chance to unseat Tom LaBonge. Trying to rip O'Grady in a way that might turn out votes for LaBonge only hurts her own choice candidate.

Clean Sweep should have realized that too.