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Sunday Terrace Weekend

Visionaries all?

When Walter Moore and the others were running for Mayor a scant two years ago, one of the reasons the media denied them coverage was that Moore and many of the challenger candidates had this insane idea about axing the CRA. Now Jerry Brown is Governor, and one of the Times columnists who wouldn't give any media oxygen to Moore and the others suddenly believes the idea is worthy of consideration.

FTW on the CRA though, the Stephen Box astroturf blog Griffith Park Wayist simply prints a Box presser wholesale, which you should read with awe, and it's entitled "Box Joins Governor in CRA Opposition." You know, Brown and Box were chatting the other day, and...&c. Yeah. I have to say, Stephen Box is turning out to very un-nuanced as a candidate, as not only me but former mayoral candidate Phil Jennerjahn has been demonstrating for a while now. But if you want to vote for him, you should anyway, because either Box or Tomas O'Grady making Tom LaBonge run for his life would be a welcome CD 4 event.

But also note this Box of rain: he turns out a rally today in the wet:

That's our experience too: better in person than on pixel.

It was a big weekend for this site, and we thank you. If you need a recap:

Here's an analysis of the Louis Pugliese/Tamar Galatzan LAUSD race from the perspective of Pugliese the challenger. It may be the only race in LA in which neither candidate has a diacritical mark in his or her name. Yes, West Valley. Debbie Lopez and yours truly sat down with the candidate two weeks ago.

Here's our conjectural exposé on the way the LA Times may determine which candidates for office to cover, and which ones not to.

Here's a snippet from Jon Regardie's piece on the Rudy Martinez push polling effort. Hell, here's Regardie's piece itself.

Oh, this. When I was a freshman in college--and that was back when the Himalayas were still at sea level--esteemed sports scribe Robert Lipsyte came to speak at our journalism awards dinner. Here it is, thirty-six years later, and lo and behold--the Times has found a new op-ed contributor. Guess who? And not only that, but to complete the memory, it turns out that his op-ed on the Super Bowl is indeed straight outta 1977.

Much more tomorrow a.m. Stay tuned!