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In Memoriam, Zac Champommier

Zac Champommier would have turned 19 today.

Unlike nearly every other law enforcement killing in the purportedly cosmopolitan city of Los Angeles, nearly seven months after his killing, we still don't even know the name of the law enforcement officer who felt it necessary to gun down Zac Champommier, honor student with no priors, late last June in a dark parking lot behind Chipotle on Ventura.

We do have the forensic report, and we know that Zac Champommier was not under any influence of any kind of drug or medication at the time of his death. We also approach this matter with full recognition of the fact that law enforcement officers save lives daily, &c.

But what is most challenging to our sensibility is the failure of local journalism in this matter. The fact that the public instantly knows the name of the officer in shootings involving an LAPD badge, but does not know any of the principles in this County and Federal matter after nearly seven months, is the single greatest disgrace, the single greatest evidence of impotence, of the LA Weekly, Los Angeles Times, and Los Angeles Daily News of the past year, and perhaps of the past decade. These have all failed Zac personally; and they have failed his family, his loved ones catastrophically.

Frankly, these papers' collective lack of courage in bringing this case to light, even while often writing with literary pretensions and sinister overtones about killings that took place decades ago, makes me ill. And how dare the LA Weekly, the worst offender of al--which never ceases to attempt to pat itself on the back or issue itself an award, and never fails to hype a long-dormant killing--type something about an arcane, already-settled legal case that formalized today, and thump "This one's for the kids" without ever having investigated the circumstances of the death of the former Granada High student who was shot to death a week after graduation summer last's's pathetic. (But that's just my opinion).

A candlelight vigil takes place this afternoon at Laurel Canyon and Ventura, near the spot where Zac was killed. Justice for Zac has details on the day, and the forensics too.