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Cold Terrace New Years

Think different.

The Giants win the...Series, Jerry Brown and Kamala Harris win the State--is there any doubt that NoCal fairly won the year and SoCal was the also-ran? A round up of the top stories of the year in the Bay Area. Interesting East Bay trends to note: the city of Fremont passed a parcel tax to boost its schools, while Oakland rejected a hefty ($360 a year) parcel tax to bring back 80 police officers.

SF will also host the America's Cup at last, in 2013. Wise salts think the Bay is too small to host the event (!). It may be.

There are a spate of new State laws: and one could affect less-reputable bloggers. It is now a crime to impersonate another citizen on the Internet for the sake of deceiving or injuring another person. "Sen. Joe Simitian (D-Palo Alto) said his legislation responds to people victimized by deceptive Internet users." This new law could force blogs with comments sections that are often rife with bogus commenters forging mocking identities to clean up their acts at last.

The outgoing Governor Arnold does an exit interview with Patt Morrison. He didn't do many such.

Why is it so hard to unseat a seated City Councilmember? In part because the Council districts in Los Angeles are the size of storied major American cities. Repeat: major American cities. Some Council districts have more people living in them than Pittsburgh has. All have more than Rochester, Dayton, Buffalo, Flint.

Who is shaping downtown LA in 2011? A list is right here. Names you might not know but should: Sonny Astani, Jose Gomez, Patty Berman.

We are watching some of the new AOL Patch blogs. Frankly, when we see the likes of Eric Garcetti touting them on Facebook, it makes us feel that they are here to deliver more publicity than news or analysis.

Here are a few things to do this weekend, this week, &c., and promises to keep in the New Year...

Street-hassle has some candidate interviews lined up for this week, including Tomas O'Grady and we're working on Louis Pugliese. Also, the site that best covers LA's classical music scene, LA Opus, has undergone some revamping. You can now follow it on Facebook, &c.

It's the last two weeks to see the William Eggleston exhibit at LACMA. It affords a fairly horrifying view of suburban life from a few decades back. It's a life with which you're probably already too familiar.

Pasadena Museum of California Art has a harmless and somewhat nostalgic exhibition of original artwork for covers to Westways magazine. Through February 27.

I will be reading a couple of poems next Sunday the 9th at Wordspace in Atwater. Amor Fati will present a few other writers at the event.