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Another Terrace Morning

Hah ha.

The Tea Party wags the dog. Oh, also Their Own Private Europe. These kinds of op-ed are why the NY Times is the national paper of record and our local op-ed page makes for the former fishwrap of record. A real opinion page columnist is the newspaper's aristocracy, not the newspaper's former citydesk schlub.

Arnold on his own: the former Governor makes two enormous gaffes in Canada--he is glad for the country's participation in the war in Iraq (it doesn't participate) and he suggests Montreal is the nation's capital (it's Ottawa).

Daily News endorses Tamar Galatzan, fine, but it comes down on the corporate-cuddling side when they talk about Louis Pugliese. "His expressed hesitance with regard to the Public School Choice Program currently in Round 2 of bidding, and the pending use of the parent trigger law in LAUSD makes us worry that he will waver during crucial votes on reform. He's a gamble at a time when the district can ill afford it." That's pure Eli Broad and Dick Riordan, who want all candidates to swear allegiance to Beverly Hill's attorney Ben Austin and his corporate-cuddling Parent Revolution. They are welcome to their endorsement of Tamar, but it's the wrong thing to say about Pugliese. Again we refer you to Kathy Emery's Why Is Corporate America Bashing our Public Schools? inviting you to find out what the faux-reform billionaire movement in American education truly wants to accomplish.

An hilarious account, hopefully not spurious, at the goofyfootin' blog LA Dragnet in which Carmen the Clown interrupts the proceedings at an event honoring Deputy DA Mario Trujillo.

"Wait! Wait! Wait!" screamed Trutanich as he forged his way to the podium and grabbed center stage. Trutanich, who had arrived at the awards dinner late and was not listed as a speaker, had been confined to a table in the far corner of the room as the capacity crowd were already seated. He had been observed craning his neck around the room, perhaps looking for a better seating position.

Suddenly Trutanich was on his feet armed with an fistful of calligraphic scrolls, and was not going to be stopped. In what appeared to many as something of a "Kayne West - Taylor Swift" moment, Trutanich proceeded to give his own impromptu speech recognizing the achievements of not only Mario Trujillo, but the other honorees who had not yet even been introduced.

Judging by reports of the audience's reaction, this was not a welcome interruption, and Trutanich's excuse that he had interrupt because he had leave early to catch a plane to DC, was singularly unimpressive. He could have been flying to Idaho for all anyone seemed to care, "and the sooner the better" was how one of the guests summed up this fiasco.

It is important to remember: every CD race is for a Council seat the size of Pittsburgh in population. Next month, a series of debates--note I didn't say "candidate fora"--will take place in CD 4, including one at the Wilshire Ebell, featuring Tom LaBonge, Stephen Box, and Tomas O'Grady. Democracy is breaking out again in CD 4, even if the newspapers won't acknowledge as much.

The AOL Cabbage Patch Kids are following candidates around. They probably should be following writers with actual readers around.