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Another Terrace Morning

The Times is out in front on school board endorsements. They are so predictable and status quo as to elicit a morning yawn. If you want to look at them, you can, here, but I'm not going to mention them because they fly in the face of reform. In fact, the Times may be in as much need of reform as the LAUSD is.

The California Supreme Court clears the way for financially strapped cities to lay off workers without union input. That sounds like invalidating collective bargaining, doesn't it?

Yesterday, we took Mariel Garza to task for studiously penning an op-ed purportedly about Council races, yet which did not mention the name of a single candidate. (We have seen this tactic from newspapers recently, in the 2009 Mayor's race). Yet Garza's newspaper has space enough in it to feature a Council deputy. Again, five weeks from a civic election, newspapers are willfully failing democracy locally. Candidates who think they're going to get fair coverage from fishwraps should know better by now, and make other plans.

It is good to see alternative candidates contributing thoughtful pieces somewhere, and Stephen Box's piece at CityWatch on the CRA and sleight of hand is laudable and worthwhile. "Dantona is to be commended for performing what he refers to as “piñata” work, and the audience responded by revealing that in many of the city’s 31 CRA project areas, it’s the community that feels like it’s being treated like a piñata." One can only imagine fearfully what fluffy Tom LaBonge would have said about the same public meeting.

And thank you very much, Wendy Greuel, but now we have a real controller looking into CRA expenditures, so you can look busy some other way.

Jose Huizar will hold living room coffee chats numbers 24, 25, and 26 this week. I wonder how many Rudy Martinez, Mitch Englander, Tom LaBonge &c. have held?

Former news schlubs Kevin Roderick and Jim Newton together find a way to put 1,000 words together that somehow offer less information about Carmen the Clown than is routinely uttered by aspiring neighborhood council vice presidential candidates in a single sentence. This, after Newton's burpy lunch with the Clown at Ciro's.

The King's Speech, a competent Weinstein-Hollywood movie that certainly was not special, leads Oscar noms with 12.