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Another Terrace Morning

Jack LaLanne made California a place associated with healthy lifestyles. RIP. profile quote of the week, sent in by a single 40something gal: "If you list the LA Times as what you read every day, please do not even think of winking at me."

In what may be one of the most disingenuous op-eds on civic politics ever written, Mariel Garza devotes a column to the upcoming municipal elections without mentioning a single candidate. She assures you that "What this means for you is very little at the moment - if ever." Certainly such races will ever mean little to you if you stick to newspapers. Poor Mariel, she gets paid not to write about the people she gets paid to interview. Her column is condescending, patronizing, marginalizing and completely deplorable. I suspect corporate-cuddling hacks like Mariel Garza feel so powerless themselves that they even resent the unbeholden freedom of the people in LA who are actively trying to change it. This is why the Daily News matters so little to LA's political scene and diminishing in influence daily.

Among Valley education luminaries spotted at Louis Pugliese's campaign kickoff event for Tamar Galatzan's LAUSD board were CD 12 candidate Brad Smith, California parent trigger catalyst Lydia Grant and Beckford PTA generalissima Debbie Lopez. Smith is hosting his own relaunch Tuesday around the State of the Union Address, a fact not noted on his campaign website.

The Rudy Martinez campaign released a video of Jose Huizar getting razzed in Glassell Park last Thursday. His patronizing remark that "everyone here is a five" fell flat and goofy. But the broader issue is how well Glassell Park has been served by Huizar's office, which indeed delivers much more to Boyle Heights, Eagle Rock, Cypress Park and Highland Park because of the presence of better organized commercial hubs in all those communities. However, it strained credulity when Huizar claimed he wasn't "familiar with the details" of the CRA billion-dollar three-card monte gambit, which Martinez even further fumbled.

In the wake of the arrest of Blanca Martinez-Navarro and her husband, Walter Moore usefully lists the City Hall denizens who have been arrested in the Villaraigosa mayoralty. "There's the DUI guy, who is still in charge of the City's budget, namely, Miguel Santana. There was "Big Weasel," doling out machine guns and silencers in his "anti-gang" program called, ironically, "NO GUNS" There was that other "gang expert" arrested for battery or something. And don't forget, false timecards guy." Match this track record up against Mariel Garza's dismissive op-ed about Moore and other alternative candidates.

Chris Essel's version of the gifting of 1601 Vine to Pacifica Ventures is precisely the kind of document that may be of interest to Kamala Harris should the Governor encounter difficulty shaking down the State's CRAs, especially our own. At the conclusion, the document reads: "Files currently available to staff suggest that CRALA’s appraisal procedures may not have been followed. However, we have uncovered no evidence that the developer was involved in this process or benefited financially from the process used." As Pacifica Ventures was filled with ex-Paramount people Essel knew from way back, Essel may have heard about the gaming of the appraisals and the mechanics of the swindle first hand. So when you read, "Files currently available to staff..." you may be getting something very deliberately evasive, as Essel herself may know what the truth of the would-be sweetheart deal was far better than the files do.

Culver City also opted for the CRA expenditure transfer. CC transferred $119 million of $300 million, and a lot of the money went to affordable housing projects.

Westside subway/MTA meetings this week. "Monday, 6 p.m., at the LACMA West Building, 5905 Wilshire Blvd.; Wednesday, 6 p.m., at the Westwood United Methodist Church, 10497 Wilshire Blvd.; and Jan. 31, 6 p.m., at the Roxbury Park auditorium, 471 S. Roxbury Dr., Beverly Hills."

An interesting race in State Senate District 17 (Antelope Valley, Valencia, &c.) between Sharon Runner and Darren Parker. Their special election is February 15. The Republican Runners (her husband is George) kept the Senate and Assembly districts in their own household through the zeroes; Sharon comes from the Assembly to try to swoosh into her husband's Senate seat. Sharon is also in bad health with a rare lung ailment and awaiting a lung transplant. The couple founded Desert Christian Schools.