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Another Terrace Morning

The silencing of progressive voices in corporate media continues as MSNBC cuts an exit deal with Keith Olbermann. Voices say the exit of Olbermann likely has to do with Comcast's pending takeover of MSNBC. How ironic that media CEOs can donate to Republican causes but their pundit underlings can't donate to Democratic ones. This is exactly how progressive voices are purged from corporate media while hate-spouting rightwing lunatics thrive in it.

Jon Regardie says in the Downtown News that "The lists hurt Huizar." The lists and CLARTS are also driving the narrative at the bilingual weekly advertiser EGP, which distributes widely to the district via the "Sun" newspapers. Still, lots of people in the district know Huizar, but few know Martinez, forum moderator AJ Jaramillo told the paper in Spanish. The Sun group also quotes Martinez's bizarre presser in which he called on Carmen the Clown (who prosecutes misdemeanors and protects City Council interests) to "commence a criminal investigation" regarding employee expenditures made by Huizar while adminstrating ordinary CLARTS fund activities approved by Council.

On the day of another Zac Champommier vigil, Patt Morrison asks for..."Justice for Luis." Even though Luis' killers are safely behind bars--the only question is for how much time. It would take a lot more courage to ask for Justice for Zac, whose law enforcement assailant remains unknown to the public even after six months, while law enforcement agencies stack their investigative decks out of public view, thanks to the tacit approval of newspapers like Morrison's LA Times.

But the former fishwrap of record agrees with what we reported yesterday: that LA's new Med 420 Ordinance revisions are a lawsuit magnet. "The amended ordinance is almost certain to draw more legal challenges. Long Beach, which used a lottery to cut the number of its dispensaries to no more than 23, has drawn eight lawsuits." Jane Usher acknowledges that legal challenges could add up to more law enforcement failure, yet expects a different result this time: "Clarity should lead us to much more success than we had in the second half of last year while we were in litigation," she said.

"This Old House" comes to Silver Lake and finds stucco "exotic."

Aging punk activist Joe Barrett is back at MayorSam, the "Home of LA Politics." I feel obliged to report it because nobody else in the blogosphere will. (Frankly, I didn't know he left). The site seems to have had some dispute over publishing comments. I always thought the people who wrote the site wrote most of the comments too. You can also be MayorSam's friend on Facebook.

The site also appears to be solidly behind Louis Pugliese's attempt to unseat Tamar Galatzan on LAUSD school board. If I were Pugliese's manager, I'd have a big sign that said "CHANGE" right next to the candidate at all times, and my yard signs would say that too. Because nobody, not even Tamar, can safely run on a school board incumbency, and also because Pugliese outperformed in his last bid for office, while Tamar underperformed in hers. And I'd put all his signs in red with white knockout letters because some people in the northwest Valley will read it as secret Republican code. In fact, come to think of it, I'd put red signs north of Roscoe and blue signs south of it.

But Louis Pugliese is his own campaign manager, which means he has to come up with a lot of things all by himself--including a GOTV campaign, which figures to be pivotal in this particular election. That could hurt him as he squares off against Tamar and her manager, Eric Hacopian, who likely isn't afraid to tell his client when she comes off as arrogant and detached, which she does quite often, especially to moms who don't have the budget to dress as well as the once and future attorney. Tamar will benefit from the reality check offered by a manager like Hacopian; Louis will be obliged to depend on friends and family, who tend to echo the good and overlook the not-so-good. That alone concerns me about his candidacy.

Karen Bass asks her new constituents "Where should I sit?" for the State of the Union. I don't know why, but the question kind of bugs me.