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Another Terrace Morning

Full moon in Cancer at 1:21 Pacific today. A good day not to do too much.

Impeach Bentley now in Alabama. Domestic terrorist attempt in Spokane.

On Brown's redevelopment proposal, the former fishwrap of record again covers the ongoings in the 'burbs rather than in the inflated pueblo. The San Jose Mercury News calls it all "predictable sniveling from special interests."

LA City Council balked for the moment and continued LA's own community redevelopment money-grab until next week. As we didn't see much made of the Friday grab in print, Ron Kaye, the Downtown News and I will take full credit.

Clean Tech jobs are growing a little, not a lot in California.

Fiftysomething white males John Deasy and Ron Nichols are two new names around LA to master. Both come to government with extensive ties to private life; both think running government like a business somehow helps. Deasy already has a crisis to deal with in the Gardena High accidental shootings, which is both unfortunate and unlucky; Nichols' DWP is perpetually in crisis but local scribes have run out of steam writing about it, as Austin Beutner's heavy-handed tactics have worn editors down.

Speaking of Gardena High, the Weekly is correct for once to point out that Gardena is not in Los Angeles and therefore Hizzoner should not be issuing statements about ongoings at Gardena High. What a colossal waste the Mayor's tinkerings with the LAUSD have been!

Wish I knew what went on in Hollywood last night that required ten black&white barreling east on Sunset at top speed.