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Another Terrace Morning

Utah is a step closer to havings an official State Gun. It is still no closer to having an official State Book.

You keep hearing "$300 million" around LA City Hall. That's the size of the expected City budget deficit in the next fiscal year. Very troubling: about eighty bucks a citizen. But you watch: to validate bridging the gap, you'll pay $400 in extra traffic fines, $200 in extra parking tickets, $200 for that extra jaywalking fine, $400 in higher DWP rates, $100 more in trash fees, $30 more for library privileges, &c. Watch $80 per person in the abstract turn into $1,000 for you in particular. Better start saving now.

Brown polls well early. Very well, very early.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa all but admitted yesterday that city community redevelopment agencies are big developer slush funds. "For many of us, these are the only funds we have available to create new jobs," the mayor said. But for two generations, the CRAs have sold themselves to the public not as job creation agencies, but as property-tax revenue enhancers.

I guess what goes around...recently I called Joe Barrett an "aging punk activist," so now he calls me something back.
The real issue here, anyway: the partisans at MayorSam have been complaining for the past twenty-four hours about my sit-down with Councilman José Huizar. (They didn't call me names when I sat down with their own candidate of choice, Huizar's opponent Rudy Martinez, last August.) So if you missed it: the MayorSam blog supports Rudy Martinez. It also considers anyone who doesn't openly declare support of Martinez a villain, an alcoholic, a traitor, a socialist, an anchor baby, &c. And yes, the disgraced blog also feigns surprise when solvent grown-ups send it cease-and-desist letters.

Speaking of...Martinez took a powder in the Weekly's blog column; actually his top supporter, Nick Pacheco did. A Pacheco employee asserts that he was pressed to write Martinez a campaign contribution check. Pacheco in so many words calls the employee a liar. All is not well at Nick's law office.

Freshman-comp-level dangling participle appears at the former fishwrap of record. Scribe Shan Li wrote the following sentence: "I just want to settle my wife's debts and keep her comfortable," von Anhalt, 67, said during a tour of the home he gave to the news media. Hope the media appreciate their new crib.