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Another Terrace Morning

Alioto, Feinstein, Brown, Newsom...Someone named Ed Lee is the Mayor of San Francisco this morning.

Does this sound like leadership? Or abandon ship? Whichever, it explains a lot: "Republicans won’t be presenting a cuts-only budget proposal to counter Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax plan because it would be politically damaging and pointless, a top GOP lawmaker on the budget said Tuesday." The party does not seem aware, even now, that it is already damaged and pointless at the State level.

Ron Kaye sometimes drifts out there in the interests of homeowners, and he was quick to applaud Steven Leigh Morris's Weekly piece on CPIO. But to me, the piece is severely flawed. Kickstarted by windmill-lancer Cary Brazeman, it projects doom and gloom rather than more community involvement in transit hub planning, which will be the real "consequence" of CPIO. I don't blame Morris; there is a kind of editorial vacuum at the Weekly, as Drex Heikes doesn't seem to know the city very well anymore, and Jill Stewart only has Jill Stewart's version of it to go by, which is to vilify Antonio first, schoolteachers second, and attempt some journalism in support of the given premise later. Morris has fallen into this vacuum; I can imagine him obliged to trace steps through Stewart's blind alleys for weeks in this one--perhaps he's even been toiling since we pointed out in November that he conveniently overlooked Brazeman's quixotic opposition to the ordinance, instead claiming that it was "stealth" legislation.

Last add: I guess this new piece is to dress up the previous inaccuracies as noble thwarting efforts or something.

Elsewhere, the Daily News may have dyed its hair dark, but its toehead Republican Valley roots are showing again in this editorial: L.A. must turn over parking garages. "The garages have parking rates way below market. Los Angeles is losing $4million a year subsidizing discount parking and validations at the Hollywood & Highland shopping complex. That's money that could put cops on the street or fill potholes. The city should have raised rates ages ago." Yes, the Daily News wants rates raised so that a private company can make a lot more money, and the city a little more.

Outside of the tightly controlled boundaries of print, there have been some surprises around the local Samosphere in the past twenty-four hours. Phil Jennerjahn has offered an unscreeching, competent analysis of the collateral material in the CD 4 race. He calls Tomas O'Grady's website "phenomenal" and it is. He noted as we did that Box's YouTube ads are atrocious. "
Score: La Bonge 7, O'Grady 3, Box 0," Phil says; that's about right too.

And Scott Johnson left his neo-Goldwater moorings and offered an equally competent analysis of the CRA's Adelante project in Boyle Heights. "With the powers granted CRA's across America by the repugnant Kelo Decision of the United States Supreme Court in 2005, the likes of CRA/LA had a new way of taking decades long homes of many and giving them to the connected developers like USC (one should see the former home sites on Playground St next to Hazard Park)." That is "Spot" on.

In local races, Jose Huizar got the backing of the LA County Dems (it was unanimous), and Tamar Galatzan got their backing too (it was overwhelming). Both should realize a bonus mailing in late Feb. or early Mar. as a result of the party votes.