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Uneven Investigation into Where Trutanich Lives Continues

Nine months after its appearance, the LA Times website still honors this posting by one "Nancy" regarding Carmen Trutanich's most recent domiciles:

My friend lives on Trutanich's canal in Naples, Long Beach, where Trutanich's house won most lavish holiday decorations at least 2-3 years in a row including 2006, 2006, and I think 2007 when he was forced to move to San Pedro to carpetbag into L A to be eligible to run for the office.

He hates San Pedro and calls it a name I can't repeat here, and he hates the rest of the city especially "those westside Jewish liberals" even more. What a farce that he's ipretending to care about their causes. He just wants their money and the "revenge vote" of those who hate City Hall. Even if you're in that group you'd better open your eyes about who Carmen Trutanich really is.

It's typical of Trutanich that he would spend a fortune decorating his house to win an award and get attention for himself instead of giving some of it to charity and he has not devote his time to any volunteer civic duty being too busy trying to amass more money by defending thugs and rapists.

Everything they say about Trutanich's record is true, about getting off the worst kinds of people, and not only that but he has managed to get both the City Attorney's office and DA to not even file charges against some of his clients, and he's boasted about his inside connections as a way to land clients. Now he's denying it. Those who know him best can't believe he'd have the nerve to run for City Attorney after he's been the people's worst nightmare..

Everyone knows he loves his Long Beach house and hates San Pedro and detests the rest of L A. Everything he says to the contrary is a lie because he'll say and do anything to win and has no real convictions, just like as a lawyer. He should be sent packing to go back and compete for more flashy holiday decoration awards.

Note: chez Nuch du plage longue also won an award in 2005, according to the Long Beach Gazette.