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Another Terrace Morning

source: Civic Intersection, from the Governor's report on the budget.

Remember this quote, you who run against School Board member Steve Zimmer: "The public is not funding public education in California." Remember that quote, and refer them to how much we the public don't fund: $36 billion, the lion's share of the State budget. Especially remind people who pay property taxes to remember that. The pie chart above doesn't even include construction bond fees for LAUSD, which add an extra $555 on the average home here in LA, and through 2044.

Gov.-Elect Brown has the right idea: chop the school budget drastically. In other words, what Schwarzenegger was elected to do but could not. Make the ingrates work with less for everyone but teachers.

The Daily News buys into the Mayor's teacher-bashing crusade hook, line, sinker. For true school reform, don't beat up teachers, beat up Beaudry.

Brown and out in Beverly Hills? Pasty white guy Doug McIntyre thinks that David Rieff's book on LA, "the capital of the Third World," was prescient.

Dennis Zine banned Zuma Dogg from Council Chambers for 30 days, for singling out Zine as a "big, bald buffoon." Zuma Dogg proceeded to tweet outside of City Hall, reporting on who was outside the building (Herb Wesson) while Council was in session. Tenacity level admirable.

The Weekly has a sad with hashtags, but #DrexHeikes says it was on purpose. In fact, Heikes' response to media bistro is almost as incredible as putting the pound sign in a title, which is what another Mike Lacey lackey did.

And speaking of incredible, here's an interesting sentence from a post yesterday to the disgraced MayorSam blog:
On the eve of a possible City Council override of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's veto of a proposed city ballot measure that would give the council 2/3 powers to remove DWP commissioners and executives, Mayor Villaraigosa nominated a long-time energy consultant as the next General Manager of the embattled public utility.
I cut and pasted that from a post by Scott Johnson, 44, a Rec & Parks employee. But did Scott Johnson cut and paste it from someone else, without acknowledgment? Here is what his prose ordinarily looks like:
Who will be the latest political incarnation of the child born Antonio Ramon Villar Jr. in 2013?...But whether it is five years from now or ten and multiple telebimbos girlfriends in between, when one peel aways the multi-layers of the child born as Antonio Ramon Villar's political incarnations. They will always find the street -hustling kid from City Terrace known to his homies as just "Tony".
&c. He is ordinarily not the kind of writer who talks of "2/3 powers" and an "embattled public utility"--or even the kind who uses a subordinate clause without making a syntactical error. His verbs find a way to shift tenses fairly regularly. But even more problematic than this, of course, is--what kind of a local political hack would possibly think that the MayorSam blog is worth ghosting?