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Another Terrace Morning

The GOP Fiascoate puts forward Ron Paul as head of the House Subcommittee that oversees the Fed.

Trujillo I: Neo-Republican union-basher Antonio Villaraigosa scapegoats the local teachers union for all public education problems. Exactly as the corporate-cuddling GOP has been doing for 15 years now.

Trujillo Redux: Purebred Republican local rag LA Weekly tries to whitewash Rudy Martinez's illicit police badge as best it can.

Cary Brazeman takes his quixotic battle against the CPIO Ordinance windmill to court. Here's at least one complete baldface lie that should usher the filing out of court speedily: "The ordinance allows intensified development districts, with more density, less parking and less open space, everywhere in the City." Think of that: it allows for development in districts, yet it allows for development everywhere. The NIMBY grammarians must have been up all night studying Yogi Berra.

Would-be sensational story by Missouri resident Katherine Russ at the LA Weekly (?) about some student police stuff prompts the obvious question: How can a scribe file a report on such an incident when she doesn't even live within 1,500 miles of here? Proof that Jill Stewart will go to any length at all to bash the LAUSD. Or that she's running out of local scribes, one of the two.

Ah, for a local honest scribe who covers real news. Here is one really big reason why you should read Kevin Roderick even if you're under 75 and east of Centinela &c.: he was so damn right about those Wilshire flyover ramps!