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Another Terrace Morning

Jesus in a suit on Melrose, courtesy The Dirt Floor.

The question will be, what comes after wikileaks, as the question once was, what comes after Napster, some cyberhipsters say.

Increased garbage fees were supposed to put more hundreds more officers on the street. But that hasn't happened. So runs a competent op-ed by Paul Weber, president of the Police Protective League, in the former fishwrap of record.

Is the Hollywood Farmer's Market really in danger? Garcetti has tweeted that he's working hard to resolve an issue with LA Film School. A save movement begins anyway.

Daily News/Daily Breeze &c employees will receive ten furlough days in the first quarter of 2011 as their reward for poor financial performance. Nobody has recognized yet that the Daily News's website is just killing them, and the the top editors are very unwilling to acknowledge that their relations to bloggers and top social media people matter.

A familiar media figure around town, Jack Kyser, has died. I sometimes took shots at Kyser as a regional economist for erring too often on the booster side. I am certainly sad he's gone.

Mike Trujillo hammers a UTLA-backed would-be candidate for school board in a presser: "“If Jesus Escandon can’t manage to get 500 signatures from registered voters in his district within a month, what makes anyone think he can manage a district with over 100,000 students," said Michael Trujillo senior consultant to Dr. Vladovic." Story here. It's an easy point to make but I'm surprised a newspaper is making it--they certainly haven't covered many school board campaigns to date. Teacher vilification remains ever popular with print media, I suppose.

Mayor Villaraigosa has reportedly appointed Adolfo V. Nodal, the Cuban-born former head of the Department of Cultural Affairs to the Sister Cities program, street-hassle has learned.

"The 'old' DONE has done what it has done and we should be done with it," a physician says, popularizing a new acronym, NCASHs, Neighborhood Council Active Stakeholders.

One of those type-in movie thingies via candidate Stephen Box sends up the Rec & Parks Community Garden program.

Regarding our item on Alan Jackson's surprise announcement of his candidacy for the LA County DA, a reader writes: "Which non-partisan candidate for DA do you think is going to be on the podium next to him [President Obama] when he visits LA County? I'll give you 3 guesses; it won't be a white boy from Texas." The reader is referring to Jackie Lacey, who was thought to be Steve Cooley's hand-picked replacement in the event of a Cooley victory in the AG's race.