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Alan Jackson takes the leap--with Thomas

John Thomas announces in a presser that Alan Jackson is running for District Attorney, an election date that is miles away.

The story here for print is that Alan Jackson, who has been planning this for months anyway, has made it official. But the real story is that John Thomas has landed him for the time being.

Thomas has had an uneven early start to a career in consulting. He is to libertarian causes what Parke Skelton is to liberal causes: his heart is in it first, then his head. He has taken on some enigmas (Sunder Ramani), some centrist Democrats he doesn't find distasteful (Tomas O'Grady), and some, well, utter clowns. He put together at least one very memorable video for Mattie Fein at Frau Harman's expense. He has also flitted about the periphery of the bat-cave that is LA Clean Sweep. He has yet to manage a breakout candidate all on his own; but Jackson figures to be a strong contender, as he is a powerful strategist with a good case profile. Fun to watch and now fun to know.

John will teach him to pull his coat down in the back when sitting for a photograph or a newscast.

The Weekly has more, sneering about Jackson's GOP moorings, which historically really don't matter much in a County election. But to me, the early move is especially intriguing as it indicates most of all that Thomas thinks it isn't worthwhile waiting around for Trutanich to jump into the race.

Flackage follows:


Los Angeles, Dec. 6 – Widely respected Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson officially announced his candidacy today for Los Angeles County District Attorney. Between now and the 2012 election, Jackson intends to run a dynamic and vigorous campaign to ensure that the DA’s office remains in the hands of a prosecutor, not a politician.

“I’ve always believed that leadership is equal parts judgment, integrity and courage. A leader must have the judgment to do what’s right, not just what’s easy, the integrity to make sure his moral compass is always pointed in the right direction, and the courage to put people before politics,” stated Jackson.

“Those values have served me well in my commitment to keep our communities safe and fight for victims,” Jackson continued. “My principles and my record of success in putting the worst criminals behind bars have prepared me for this moment. I fully intend to earn the people’s vote to become the next District Attorney of Los Angeles County.”

When it comes to public safety, there is no one better qualified to lead the dedicated men and women of the District Attorney’s office and make the tough decisions in the pursuit of justice for crime victims and their families.

Alan Jackson exhibits “total determination, hard work, knowledge, compassion, sheer guts to get the job done and most importantly, the true desire to obtain justice,” said nationally recognized victims’ rights advocate Collene Campbell. “Alan has proven ability, coupled with enormous experience and determination, which are the exact qualifications that the elected Los Angeles District Attorney must possess.”

Those in law enforcement are equally enthusiastic about Jackson. “Alan Jackson is a cop’s prosecutor,” said legendary LAPD-Robbery / Homicide Division detective Rick Jackson (no relation to Alan). “He’s tough, smart and ethical, and he has unparalleled tenacity in the courtroom. Those of us in law enforcement couldn’t ask for a better prosecutor to lead the DA’s office.”

Alan Jackson’s distinguished career has included several nationally-recognized marquee cases. He was lead counsel in the successful prosecution against famed music producer Phil Spector; he secured two murder convictions against the killer of iconic racecar driver Mickey Thompson and his wife, Trudy; and put the murderer of Lily Burk behind bars for life.

Alan’s proven track record as one of the top prosecutors in the country has earned him numerous accolades from his peers, such as Prosecutor of the Year in 2008 by the Association of Deputy District Attorneys and once again in 2010 by the LA County Bar Association.

For more information, please visit Alan Jackson’s campaign website at

Alan Jackson has been a prosecutor in the LA County District Attorney’s office for 16 years where he has tried nearly 60 felony cases, more than half of which have been murder trials. He spent five years prosecuting hardcore gang cases in Compton, after which he moved to the Major Crimes Division where he has led the prosecution in some of California’s highest profile cases. Prior to becoming a Deputy DA, Jackson served in the United States Air Force as a Jet mechanic. Currently, Jackson serves as the Assistant Head Deputy of the Major Crimes Division where he oversees the office’s most complex and high-profile cases.