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"Venice Beach: Everyone is Disappearing"

The dispossessed of Venice Beach are under siege.
The latest round of attacks is focused on finding an excuse to confiscate any vehicles that someone is suspected of sleeping in. Venice has always tolerated a large population of RV dwellers, it is part of the Venice Beach tradition. Now that the capitalist crisis is forcing more and more people out of their homes and apartments and into their vehicles. The LAPD, under the direction of District Councilmember Bill Rosendahl, has dusted off and started aggressively enforcing a most probably unconstitutional city ordinance against sleeping in a vehicle parked on a city street. These are people that Bill Rosendahal's own Chief of Staff, Mike Bonin has described as being "one small and fragile step from sleeping on the streets." Now Bill Rosendahl is taking what homes they have and shoving them onto the streets. At a time when our homeless population is already rapidly increasing, the LAPD is specializing in making people homeless.

In this case, we can safely blame one man for violently altering the psychic and historic relationship of Venice to the dispossessed: Councilman Bill Rosendahl.

At the councilmember's request, Police Chief Charlie Beck assigned 21 additional officers to the area. LAPD formed a Venice Homelessness Task Force, marshaling and directing resources to focus on quality-of-life crime and direct the homeless to social services. City prosecutors are training cops to build evidence against people violating laws that prohibit living in vehicles.

You all have your candidate for Top City Council Scumbucket. Some of you hate Alarcon with a passion. Some of you completely loathe Tom LaBonge. If I had to nominate one, however, for the top slot of worst of the worst, it would be serial ghetto gentrifier Bill Rosendahl.

Ever since I saw Rosendahl yukking it up with Austin Beutner at a City Council meeting, I have been able to see right through him. He does not like people so much as power; as a former sorta journalist who was really a moderator, power is simply a novelty to him, one that he brandishes far more capriciously than any other man or woman in the City excepting Carmen the Clown. But clamping down on car camping in the middle of the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression is simply heartless. Bill Rosendahl should be ashamed.