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Velvet Divorce Proceedings

My velvet divorce from the blog over there is nearly complete.

I spent a lot of time with one of my favorite authors last night. In doing so, I was able to edit the archive of that blog over there, as well as fluff up the archive of this blog right here, in a way that aspires to satisfy the meek degree of usefulness that blogs serve as archives of civic life.

Let me tell you what I did and why I did it.

I deleted several hundred quotidian posts over there. The posts mostly were either titled "Another Terrace Morning" or the Sunday version, "Mimosas on the Terrace." These posts contained the daily summaries of news that can all be found elsewhere if one looks closely enough, and no archive really benefits from containing them.

The reason I deleted these posts is simply because, going forward, as I am no longer an administrator over there, I will no longer be able to police or even follow comments that appear on them, because I won't be able to be notified when they appear. This only happens once in a while, but frequently enough to be of concern.

A few times a week someone either asks me to delete an old comment or someone leaves a new comment on an old post as a kind of hopeful spamming to others who might later be searching for a particular topic. So I've done all of you who are interested in spamming archival material one better: I've deleted old posts where the only special "value" was the degree of annoyance provided by the comments. In deleting these posts, I also delete all the old comments on all the ordinary posts. There is no loss here, as these kind of ordinary posts were the posts on which people generally commented with the least caution and the greatest intent to stir trouble.

[To cite one example, there's a guy who's been posting a lot of comments I call "Anti-Ipsen Cooley Troll." I don't mind his comments at all, but he often mixes it up with a guy who's very much an apologist on behalf of the fledgling DA Union, and that guy loves to add opinions on Anti-Ipsen Cooley Troll long after the fact. Together, they've both said things they probably shouldn't have--they seem to know who each other is, even if I don't know either of them. I don't have confidence that I've bagged every inappropriate comment they've made along the way. Neither of these gents will miss much by my deleting the posts that led them to comment, and they are welcome to resume their arcane bickering here, where I can moderate them going forward.]

Also: there were a lot of posts I wrote over there that were linked by other publications. These I left standing, in the interest of not breaking links from elsewhere. I hope the blog also leaves them standing there after I slip out fully. But it won't matter if they don't, because...

I also reprinted many of these posts here last night, in case they are ultimately deleted there. They are reprinted with the same date that they originally appeared over there. There are lots of interviews with political figures among these, and a few moments of drama. These are, in short, the posts that best serve the interest of remaining in the archive, and at least as of now they are archived both here and there.

One thing that will be different--and the same--going forward. Over there, I blogged under a nom-de-pixel. I did that not to hide my identity, but because I do other kinds of writing, and I wanted to keep the civic stuff from popping up when people searched me. But here, I used to use my own real name when posting. I'll continue to use Mulholland Terrace going forward. If you don't know who I am and feel a need to, or if you need to contact this blog for any reason, shoot me an email ( and I'll let you know everything you need to know.

Again, there is no need to guess what happened or why. It is mostly me reserving my right to call an idiot an idiot whenever I see fit. I think everyone who knows me knows that I don't care at all for being edited by anyone. But the truth is that I am also edited all the time, by many different people, and that these things therefore happen all the time, &c. No, for me in this case, mostly, the work there at that blog is simply done, and it is simply time to move on; and for that blog, it is time to focus on the things it needs to do without the sideshow I necessarily bring along with my opinions of places, things, and people. I remain a devoted citizen of Los Feliz.