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Day off on the Terrace

Getting serious: Rudy Martinez at Midnight Mission, Thanksgiving morn.

The NYTimes weighs in on our rail transit plans: "Taken together, these developments have emboldened mass transit enthusiasts here and lent credibility to what has become something of a legacy project for Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa, who ran for office pledging to build a transit system that would upend long-established commuting habits and ease what has long been a bane of life in Los Angeles."
What once seemed a quixotic vision — the “Subway to the Sea,” connecting Union Station in downtown to the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica — no longer seems quite so quixotic.

At the same time, Los Angeles received $546 million from the federal government to build, over the next 10 years, an 8.5-mile above-ground light-rail line from the Crenshaw district to Los Angeles International Airport.

&c. If you live in Los Feliz or Pasadena, the impact of subways and light rail transit have already been with you for a decade. Life on the westside simply feels to you like life in another city. Waxman, after blocking transit to the Westside himself for years, now hopes that Republicans don't return the favor. “This is the kind of idea that some Republicans may even find attractive, It’s tremendously important. I see that whenever I’m at home and in my car: it’s just terrible traffic.”

There were fewer parents than school takeover applicants at a "community" meeting regarding Taylor Yard.

This is simply great news all around: Little Tokyo Lofts sold twenty-two lofts on a single day. They were indeed priced to sell. Simple, honest prices, simple honesty from the developer about the situation, and simple, honest reporting by Ryan Vaillancourt about a developer "looking for premium prices in a building many consider to be in Skid Row" all are highly encouraging signs for downtown. "Units in the building sold for $200 to $261 per square foot. The most desirable unit, a 6th-floor, two-level, 1,507-square foot loft originally listed at $1.2 million, sold for $393,750, Troen said. An 864-square-foot unit on the third floor sold for $173,250."

In 2042, the Minnesota Vikings, led by 76-year-old Brett Favre, may come to Los Angeles.