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Another Terrace Morning

Who would have thought that Arnold Schwarzenegger would give a better eulogy than David Lynch? Yet that's what happened yesterday at Dino De Laurentis's funeral as Schwarzenegger told his anecdotes extemporaneously while Lynch nervously read his tribute. Pastor Kostelnik presided at the Cathedral. Giada De Laurentis read one of the intercessions. Friends and family were asked to wear red, and many did.

Why do Latinos outlive both Anglos and Blacks, and why isn't the phenomenon studied more? Is it the jalapeño? Is it the Bud Light? The distaste for alarm clocks? We need to know!

Ron Kaye says the ballot measures that Council is considering will "clog the ballot with phony reform measures that will do little or nothing to solve the pension crisis with its billions of dollars in unfunded liabilities or the budget crisis that threatens to force the city into bankruptcy." The real fights will be over DWP reform measures.

An LA Times story confirms that measuring teachers by the way their students perform on a standardized test should not be an exclusive way of rating them. Yet when they published the ratings of teachers, this kind of numerical ranking was the only data-point the public knew on any of them. And Jill Stewart blamed the teacher's union president, rather than the paper, for the suicide of a teacher anyway.

Undocumented immigrants can now pay California tuition, rather than out-of-state tuition, legally. That saves them bundles.

Facebook ramps up person-to-person communication.

A grand, sweeping, honor-bound, dutiful Japanese-American life ends in tragedy as what we used to call an idiot pushes the 84.year-old woman off of the Metro platform at First and Alameda.

My opinion: Newsweek merged with nothing but broken junk when it merged with The Daily Beast. Tina Brown, who was far down the list of hopefuls, has never wanted to do anything other than make a mess; the woman stands for absolutely nothing, and certainly not journalistic integrity of any stripe. Both organizations lose lots of money; at least they can share a building doing so.