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Another Terrace Morning

Sunday is the sixth annual Run for Her, an ovarian cancer benefit conducted by Cedars Sinai. It's a 5K Run/Walk at Pan Pacific Park. Starts at 9 a.m. and it is one of the most uplifting such benefits of all. Ovarian cancer has a far higher morbidity rate than breast cancer and raising awareness is much needed, as is a better screener for the malady.

Nelson Rising suddenly resigned from OMG Office Trust. (You know that's really MPG, right?) We'll be watching closely to see if he re-emerges as director of Downtown Art Walk.

Budding neocon David Feith, of all people, son of the man once called "The dumbest f--king guy on the planet" by General Tommy Franks, had a piece in theWSJ on the planet about California's parent trigger law. He starts off by assuring the paleocons who read the Journal that this is "an innovation of a liberal activist group called Parent Revolution." Parent Revolution is in my opinion a mere corporate-cuddling group run by a Beverly Hills attorney, Ben Austin in the hope that we might hand over to public property to private interests.

I find this interesting: Lucky Jeans is moving to a building near Sci-Arc. Lucky Jeans, erstwhile of Vernon, is a damn good success story and its top tier employees must be delighted with the move. But the City is giving away breaks on Water & Power and tax credits to lure the company...which means you and I, who do not get these breaks, are subsidizing the move.

Administrative penalties to USC University Hospital and four other southland hospitals.

If whooping cough isn't already an epidemic in Los Angeles County, it will be soon. 429 cases in October. You work hard enough, and you have sick days: if you're sick, please be sick at home and encourage others to do so. If you have whooping cough or catch it, you'll be home for quite a while.

Busy gallery weekend. Notable to us: Louis Stern with this Richard Wilson opening tonight , friend David Crocker with a private show tomorrow, and friend Tod Mesirow has a show at Golden State Cafe on Fairfax tomorrow too.

Later today at street-hassle: teacher Leonard Isenberg v. the LAUSD.