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Another Terrace Morning

Rudy Martinez on Kevin James, angling for CD14 insomniacs

Someone tell Stephen Box that when you're an alternative candidate and there's something in your ear, this is more or less how you're supposed to look.

Janice Hahn bows out of consideration for Jenny Oropeza's State Senate seat. She endorses Ted Lieu for the seat.

Santa Monica thinks it can reduce traffic by reducing its cabs. That's the biggest mis-step we've seen the city make in a while.

The LAUSD opens up truancy centers at eight schools. Truancy centers are an historic part of the Irish American experience.

Griffith Park activist Kristin Sabo much dislikes Tomas O'Grady's run against Tom LaBonge in CD4, and now Joe Barrett expresses his contempt for the candidate as well. At Twitter, "LACityNews" seems to have bizarrely outsized issues with O'Grady's candidacy too.

The Weekly "breaks" a story on Felipe Fuentes in November that everyone else had in August.

My earlier post here on CPIO Ordinance and street-level planning is reprinted at CityWatch, and I'm glad for it. Many of the readers of a blog are weekly rather than daily, or even less frequently, and some don't even know I've recently re-opened street-hassle yet, but of course they will learn in due course. There are lots of editors and aggregators around town also who are too petty, and ignore other competitive voices in the city--in fact they try to bury them whenever possible. Ken Draper is not among this set; rather, he actively seeks out those voices that are most intelligible and most opinionated, even when they conflict with other voices featured at his site. That's the opposite of petty; it's magnanimous.

And sure enough, here comes a potential CPIO test case. The California Restaurant Association is preparing to square off against the City's Planning Department should the Department declare some kind of moratorium on fast food establishments in South Los Angeles.

Amidst the awful archipelago of anonymous astroturf blogs that aggregate real political content from other blogs and turn it into strident attack material at their own comes a more promising one: Truisfalse.