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Another Terrace Morning

Today is Veteran's Day, and City Hall is mostly closed, as are banks, libraries, and the post office.

Here's a blog that promises to turn Los Angeles City Hall inside out. It will fill a much-needed void by covering exciting news like this.

Koretz wants to err on the side of about 140 Med420 dispensaries.

None of the pitchfork people showed up to speak against CPIO Ordinance, and it blithely passed. The CPIO Ordinance was drawn up by erstwhile developer doormat Gail Goldberg, ironically, to make Councilmembers, who serve at the pleasure of the people, more of a player in planning decisions involving micro-districts. I still don't know what Dick Plotkin and LA Neighbors United were talking about when they claimed it was the end of the world, and I don't know why their groups weren't there to speak against if it was. Under CPIO, if someone dares to tear up your neighborhood, they vilify themselves for the rest of their political careers--that is indeed the Villaraigosa legacy, in fact, but now it may be coming to your Councilmembers too, as they can no longer can say, "I really wish I could do something, but..."

At least one homeless camp has sprung up in Sunland Tujunga, to community consternation.

For five years there has been harp about the fact that LAUSD has been building schools right through a long decline in student enrollments, and once again enrollments drop--this time to the lowest point in ten years. Charters now are the leading sapper.

Rudy Montiel, head of the City's housing authority, may be in trouble, as though the fact that the City has a housing authority boss who lives in Riverside isn't troubling enough. When Rosendahl asks, "Where's Rudy?" he should simply presume he is on the 91.

Flawed leads to fraud in Neighborhood Council elections, someone says, &c.

Veteran's Day without a Bow, part II: John Thomas got a little clumsy with his O'Grady-leave-behind and his publicist put it up at MayorSam even after the story had already appeared at the Times. But tv coverage is the only way to displace a seated Councilmember, and the helpful PS--"watch for David Weiss and Tomas O’Grady tonight (Nov. 10) on KTLA, NBC, and ABC local evening news"--is a wave to LaBonge that the O'Grady camp understands the task at hand, even if the Box camp does not.