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Another Terrace Morning

"Missile-like object wasn't missile," our taxpaid military says. Well, maybe technically. "But Doug Richardson, the editor of Jane’s Missiles and Rockets, examined the video for the Times of London and said he was left with little doubt. 'It’s a solid propellant missile,' he told the Times. 'You can tell from the efflux [smoke].'" At any rate, it's about time we began showing off our military muscle to ward off those commie ruffians in Catalina.

The former fishwrap of record likely feels vindicated that the LAUSD has hired an out-of-state firm to analyze students test results to further burden and beleaguer teachers. The idea is that if we bother teachers enough, we can hand public schools over to corporations (and even worse, community organizations--that is, everyone but educators). Yolie Flores again is the spearhead and primary cheerleader.

By the way, on Monday, two hundred people marched to the LA Times building to demand that the newspaper take down the name of the teacher who committed suicide, Rigoberto Ruelas, from its database. The New York Times covered this story a little better than the LA Times did.

That reminds me that Jill Stewart of the LA Weekly, while calling AJ Duffy a "pipsqueak," was quick to blame the suicide on the UTLA president, instead of on the public humiliation the Times subjected the victim to. But people in media have been very polite not to blame the deaths of three victims of a "Grim Sleeper" copycat killer on the editor and the scribe who promoted the story--and their own involvement in it--exhaustively.

Did you know that while the corporate-cuddling charter schools are cutting corners, they often hire volunteer librarians? A public school teacher-librarian ordinarily has two credentials, but one at a charter school often simply is an out-of-work volunteer from the community.

Noted: the $11,000+ UC students pay in tuition (now indeed called "tuition" at last) to attend public universities is a far cry from the $700 a year I paid at UCLA when Jerry Brown was last Governor, before we started putting more money into prisons and less into education.