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Another Cold Evening on the Terrace

That's Phil Jennerjahn on the front page of the Los Feliz Ledger this week. The paper is featuring candidates for Tom LaBonge's CD4 Council seat, and this week it profiles Phi.

Alas, it doesn't quite have the temerity to report the simple fact that Phil is Republican, or that he routinely calls Democrats "budget destroying socialists," which may have been of interest to voters.

Nor of course does it mention that Phil withdrew from consideration in this race last week--he pulled out of the race just after the issue went to press.


After LA County's legal costs peaked two years ago, they dropped off this past fiscal year, mercifully.

Only the former fishwrap of record could care whether Angel's Flight costs one quarter or two. That clown at the top of the flight pockets your quarter half the time anyway, by sticking his hand over the fare box so you have to hand it over to him--then when you split, he pockets the money. Sometime check his pocket for quarters when he gets off and you'll see where all the money goes. And who cares if he does? I'm sure the MTA doesn't pay him enough either.

Looks like one of the bloggers for the widely discredited MayorSam blog has finally stumbled on an official bird to represent it.

Nobody really likes this LA Opera production of Lohengrin. Not Rodney Punt. No, not Donna Perlmutter either. Most of those who saw the same company do Lohengrin a decade ago are indeed aghast.

Do you want a good investing tip? First off, don't listen to this guy (and I don't mean Mark, I mean, don't listen to the ghost of Gordon Murray). Or anyone like him. OK, next...subtract your age from 100. You're left with a figure north of fifty if you're young and south of fifty if you're old. Whatever the figure, it's the absolute maximum percentage of the aggregate worth of your portfolio (which never includes the value of your principle residence, of course) that should be invested in stocks. Any higher than that, and you're just begging for trouble later. Keep the balance in bonds and cash, T-Bills, etc. And in my own could easily take that absolute maximum percentage figure and cut it in half.