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Saturday Evening Post

Roses: Artistry left, Tiffany right.

Most everyone in town who watches the town is aware that pointlessly pompous Oxy prof Peter Dreier dependably comes down on behalf of the Mayor's pet cause of affordable housing, which is the tool of choice for the limping Villaraigosa machine in shaking down developers for its war chest cash. And just as dependably, Dreier was there to lick the Mayor's wounds again after Los Angeles Magazine stated the obvious in Kit Rachelis' parting shot against the arrogant adulterous Mayor. What's funny about this scapegoating of Los Angeles Magazine by an academic who likes to work the decidely nonacademic side of the fence is that to date Los Angeles Magazine has been a completely neutered party in LA politics. Was more responsible journalism really practiced there when its scribes blew the Mayor kisses on its glossily limpid pages?

But the truth is that both apologists and enemies of the Mayor alike had little to crow about this past dystopic week, in which the March sinking of the Mayor was cemented in a way that was clear enough even for local journalists to understand. The Mayor's people may be circling the wagons, but the opposition has few ideas that look inclusive of people of color. In fact...

I personally feel progressives will regret electing a death-penalty advocate above Jack Weiss once they get to know the real Carmen Trutanich, but I hope his position on that issue "evolves." With local print trumpeting sensational, racially-charged stories such as the Hawaiian Gardens gang sweep in the news this week ("'VHG gang members have expressed a desire to rid the city of Hawaiian Gardens of all African Americans and have engaged in a systematic effort to achieve that result by perpetrating crimes' against them, the document states...") cranky talking heads will have plenty of instances of irresponsible journalism at which to wag their chubby fingers.

We above all hope that Tru does not get caught up in the coming Minuteman panderings. As the City's quotidien print fishwraps decline, they're likely to play race cards more and more, each and every way, looking for more readers from their reactionary but mercifully diminishing pool of cranky finger-waggers. Godwilling, our pols won't get caught up in the same kind of muckslinging the outgoing scribes (and some academics) have already sold themselves to.