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For City Attorney: Jack Weiss

I don't care much how you vote on the State props---they're going down, which is fine with me...maybe 1F has a chance, but that's a bagatelle. But the race for City Attorney is close, and I'm casting my vote for Jack Weiss.

The reason I'm supporting Weiss is very simple and clearcut. Trutanich made a death penalty conviction a centerpiece of his campaign. That was wrong, on two levels.

First, it's wrong to anyone who opposes the death penalty. I am opposed to the death penalty, so for me this is wrong prima facie. But I also understand when a City Attorney anywhere wants a job, he has to flaunt how tough he is.

However, even if I supported the death penalty, I believe Tru went much too far in flaunting a death penalty case in a City Attorney's race. His would-be office only prosecutes misdemeanors. It would be acceptable that Tru had won this case; but to win and brag later, willfully flaunting the public's ignorance of the scope of the office he seeks, is not acceptable.

You know I'm not a big fan of Weiss, and there has been much idle talk on what might happen if the top three elected officials in the City are general friends. But Zahniser's "expose" on the coming City Hall iron triangle of Villaraigosa-Weiss-Greuel earlier this year was an unusual blemish on the work of a fine reporter. Any businessman knows that when there is one boss and two friendly subalterns, the underlings quickly find ways to distinguish themselves from each other---it's competitive and healthy.

The race is close, very close. I don't wish a loss on Tru; my differences with him rests on philosophical grounds. I'm voting for Jack Weiss for City Attorney.