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Time to exhale


Of the two registered voters living in my house, one took to the polls yesterday. Of the four family members living in my house, two took to the polls yesterday. Mother and daughter walked into the elementary school auditorium, Mommy signed on the dotted line, took her ballot into a booth with the daughter (where we bumped into a very dear friend right next to us, a former PTA President, and now librarian at another elementary school; that happens a lot here, bumping into random friends everywhere. It's a tight community, what can I say?), slid the ballot into the slot and turned over the first page of the ballot book.

The mother handed the voting marking pen to the daughter, as she had just months before in November. The daughter took the small pen and marked her vote, just as she had months before in November.

After casting the vote for Mayor, she handed the marker back to me and I finished the business at hand and we walked the ballot back to the table, watched the volunteer feed it into a machine, after which we each received a "I voted" sticker and promptly applied it to our shirts.

The other registered voter who skipped this election was at the last moment unavoidably delayed. The other non-registered voter who skipped this election (by lack of interest) didn't really care much about nor had much of an opinion of it, one way or another; his focus instead on raising his grades in biology and algebra and earning a spot on the Varsity golf team. Both boys, father and son, also had another pressing issue weighing heavily on their minds:

Could Manny and the Dodgers come to an accord?


In November, the daughter helped elect a President; yesterday she supported her candidate of choice for Mayor of Los Angeles. That her candidate did not win this time did not deter her from opining that perhaps if we started working harder today, with an eye towards the next election, we'd have better results. I don't think she's too far off the mark.

And so now the votes have all been tallied and while some outcomes were predictable, there were still a few surprises as Mr. Mailander has noted in earlier posts. Ron Kaye and Co. stunned City Hall as Los Angeles delivered Mr. Kaye his miracle.

And so now the "i"s have been dotted, the "t"s crossed, and the ink drying on the contract which secures Manny Ramirez's place with the Dodgers for at least another year.

from the LAT:

The Great Compromise of 2009 was reached today, with Ramirez and the Dodgers coming to terms on a two-year, $45-million contract that includes an opt-out clause that the All-Star outfielder can exercise at the end of the first year.

You boys (and all you girl fans, too) can finally breathe. The father called first, happy to report the news about Manny; he'd be texting the son in biology class to let him know; and also happy there is one less thing to worry about for Los Angeles... for today.

With Measure B defeated, certain mayoral candidates shut out, and my personal candidate of choice for Mayor showing better than I could have imagined, I can breathe a little easier, too.

All the waiting, the not-knowing, the hope, the resignation, the relief... all those things floating within the ether of our home are now over... for today.

We all look towards the future now, and hope for the best; for our City, for our teams, and for ourselves.