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Sunday Morning Mimosa

Around LA, truth is starting to poke its head out of its four-year cover-coma, in which progressives have been asleep to the fact that things aren't really going their way after all. Just a little, but you can see the peak of the bedhead emerging....

The L.A. Times David Zahniser exposes corporate faux-patriot Mike McNeilly for the fraud he is in the first five words of a piece this morning: "Outdoor advertising entrepreneur Michael McNeilly..."

Follow up with how LA's developers blackball the city into throwing up ill-advised billboards at Dennis Hathaway's

And two Daily News scribes are almost onto the Mayor's out-of-town Animal Services appointment Ed Boks. Not quite, but almost.


The Mayor appointed four out-of-towners to key City positions when he became Mayor, because he knew when they came to LA that they would be totally beholden to his office, and not to anyone else the City. That way, his office could dictate to them. That's beyond the spoils system---that's plain-and-simple machine politics.

The four Department heads were so far removed from LA they barely even knew the City when they came here.

Gloria Jeff, who didn't know anything about the way LA traffic moved and proved as much very quickly, is already gone.

Amateur planner Gail Goldberg from San Diego continues to ruin the City as Antonio and Garcetti's partner-in-crime developer-doormat and density enabler.

Olga Garay from Miami admitted knowing nothing of LA on arrival, is at least learning the City's cultural communities, and has a good friend and private steering wheel in Al Nodal, so she fares better than the others.

And Ed Boks? What's a Noo Yawker---where no-kill was a novel idea---doing at the helm of Animal Services in LA, otherwise the most progressive animal rights city in America? The people already on the ground here are about five miles beyond "no-kill"...

You'll have to ask Tony about these things. One thing we know, though: Animal Services are one arena in which the resources and good will already exist to fix just about anything---why isn't it fixed, now that Boks has been here three years? This is an aspect of civic life in which Los Angeles is otherwise prepared to lead the world.