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Ron Kaye is on fire; the Times is ashes

I don't know if you've noticed it or not, but since the official defeat of B, Ron Kaye has been on fire. It's like the door opened a crack and Kaye decided to tear gas the house anyway.

Consider this snippet on Brian D'Arcy and our new Controller:

Wendy Greuel knows about HELP from the hand of Brian D'Arcy and the price she will have to pay in due time for the IBEW boss' coughing up $250,000 when the councilwoman panicked in the closing weeks of the City Controller race and thought she might be forced into a runoff.

Whether it's perfect or not, it's good to know...and it's stuff you don't read on the on the ersatz, job-protecting Times editorial page---where they're still trying to help you figure out what neighborhood you live in.

I'm not sure what pilots retiree Ron Kaye. I only know he likes to golf on public courses, a fact I find really endearing. He may be more conservative than most progressives can swallow, but he's worth reading more than anyone else in town right now, whether you agree with him or not.

I can guess what pilots him, though. I suspect he was, like me, revolted when he saw what a con-job Antonio's out-of-towner-in-chief Ace Smith pulled on "progressive" LA media when he encouraged them to go after Doug Dowie in 2005. San Francisco Ace painted former newspaperman Doug as though Doug were Al Capone over a piece of change that couldn't keep Ace's San Francisco office alive for a week. The easily fooled--the job-hungry at the Times, and the publicist side of the local blogosphere---swallowed the story whole, and former newspaperman Dowie almost ended up in jail--it could still happen, and had I not once worked for Dowie's exceedingly gifted attorney myself over twenty years ago, I'd be scared for him--because of San Francisco Ace's 2005 dirty political trickery.

Compare Ron's appraisal of Wendy/Brian to yesterday at the Times, when a Times media critic tried to blame the blogosphere for the demise of the Times. (see post below).

No. Here's what wrong with the Times, and why it's failing, and why there have to be layoffs: you read nothing like the above sentence of even a docile, bemused, public course-loving retiree like Kaye in the Times right now. That's not because of the blogosphere. It's because the paper is reluctant to acknowledge the degree to which phoney "progressive" politics in LA--where the owner-to-renter ratio is dropping daily, where traditional unions like Writers and UTLA are spurned by the mayor, where developers, Riordanites, and out-of-towners run the table while native-born homeless die in the streets--have utterly failed Los Angeles.