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Twittering Mayors: Boris v. Antonio

Last ten tweets, Mayor of London:

  1. Last tweet should finish with 'today'.
  2. Good luck in the snow today everyone. Don't travel unless you have to but if you really must drive the c charge has been cancelled for t ...
  3. Sorry everyone for my radio silence. Not been sking but in Davos. Wall to wall bankerfest and crazy busy schedule. Promise to twitter mo ...
  4. Busy day ahead troops but many congratulations to Sir Paul Stephenson for his appointment as the new Commissioner of the Met Police
  5. Just attended the Holocaust Memorial Day Ceremony at City Hall where we heard a truly moving account from a Belsen survivor.
  6. Speeding back to London on the train after an excellent albeit rather wet and windy trip.
  7. Hello Dave (as in Hill)! Sorry you couldn't be with us but let me assure you that I'm thinking of you.
  8. Doug Oakervee, the man who masterminded Hong Kong's island airport is taking me through how he envisages the project would work.
  9. Just boarded Brabo a 122m dredger. Heading east out into the estuary. Sailing into force 8 winds & heavy rain but boat reassuringly steady.
  10. Most amused by Emma Jacobs' piece in the FT today about my twittering. Here's an exclamation mark just for you Emma!
Last ten tweets, Mayor of Los Angeles:

  1. What a week! Please make sure to sign up on my page at
  2. Congratulations to the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama!
  3. Looking forward to an Historic Inauguration Day
  4. Wishing everyone a Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  5. At the Latino State of the Union at the Second Annual Roundtable on Law, Policy and Civil Rights In DC
  6. Going to the Latino Leaders Network Inaugural Reception and Dinner honoring Congresswoman Hilda Solis
  7. Attending the 4th Annual King Day Commemoration and Award Ceremony
  8. Meeting with the US Conference of Mayors
  9. Arrived in DC for Inauguration yesterday, will update from other events throughout the Inauguration Week
  10. I'll tweet one more time here with the new "official" account when it's up. Thanks for the feedback, we're learning and appreciate it. -Dan