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One Mayor under God

Can't you send in an absentee ballot, kid?

Rick Orlov reports that the Mayor was busy politicking "on Sunday morning." He may be in a position to ask but one question the City's two million Catholics have...

Is the Mayor really a Catholic at all, as his staff claims he is?

The man who has been called "one of the tribe" by Forward and the Jewish Journal's Godblog has not been spotted at a Sunday service in a while, as far as any parishoners can remember. His flacks say he attends two churches, St. Dominick's of Eagle Rock and the Cathedral, but neither can attend his attendance for anything other than a civic event (such as a police funeral) in quite a while.

Stunning many Catholics, no Catholic clergy were invited to offer prayers at his most recent annual prayer breakfast.

Of course, we can all understand how the Mayor might have had a difficult midlife spiritually. He admitted to the Daily News recently that he botched his marriage; less well-known his first public adultery came on the heels of his ex-wife's bout with thyroid cancer. Even as Mayor, he has had trouble telling the truth about why he wasn't wearing a wedding ring when he was separated; "It keeps slipping off my finger," he claimed.

The Mayor's political consultants have bullied Los Angeles media into thinking that OTHER CANDIDATES for Mayor are gadflies. But when you look at the Villaraigosa track record, you might concluded that he may lack both the moral fiber and the intellectual acumen to be Mayor of a City larger than Wasilla:

  • He had lower grades in college than almost all the challengers who attended college.
  • He had far more trouble with the bar exam than the other attorney in the race.
  • He has been beleaguered by lies about his personal life.
  • He hasn't dug an inch of tunnel of his "subway to the sea."
  • He approves obvious lies about the numbers of potholes filled and trees planted; a million of either would exceed over 18,000 per every square mile of Los Angeles.
  • His own staff cannot confirm specific dates of his Catholic Church Sunday mass attendance, though his staff also sends out a press release every time he visits a synagogue.
  • He has been to China, Mexico, and Israel as Mayor, but never to Europe, with a far stronger currency and more valuable to trade and tourism than all other places he has visited.

With one week until the Mayor's election, it's not too late for local media to do some real scrutiny into Villaraigosa, rather than listening to him answer questions and nodding along.