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"The best Mom that she can possibly be".


You knew it was bound to happen.

The mother of octuplets born Jan. 26 has hired a publicist.

Nadya Suleman, now the mother of fourteen (14) children (before Jan. 26, she was merely the mother of six), is "smart, she's bright, she's articulate, she's well-educated, and she has a wonderful sense of humor," her new publicist Joann Killeen told ABC's "Good Morning America."

Her agents said they had fielded dozens of interview requests and offers for book, film and television deals.

from the Daily News:

But Killeen said this morning that offers have not yet been reviewed.

Some media reports speculated that Suleman might be paid as much as $2 million for an interview.

Killeen said today she believes people will be "very impressed" when Suleman begins relating her tale, "and we will work with our client to decide what's the best vehicle for her to tell the story."

Very Impressed? I support the decision of most single parents when they want to adopt as a single. However, raising 14 children as a single doesn't bode well for either the mother or the children. We are hardly impressed by the decision to even try. As for Ms. Suleman's exasperated parents who just shrug their shoulders and write off the behavior of their daughter as an "obsession with children", Good Luck to the both of you as you spend your Golden Years chasing after 14 children.

Loving children and having a knack for mothering is one thing; being able to provide for each child financially as well as emotionally will be a bit harder, I bet. But then again, $2 mil should just about take care of the diapers; as for who'll take care of all those kids ... that remains to be be seen. I have a feeling Ms. Suleman will be in dire need of help in no time at all. Much sentiment has been floating about against Ms. Suleman's decision to procreate with such flourish (yikes, the comments section in the DN linked article is pretty much running against the decision); had these pregnancies occured naturally, we wouldn't be discussing it much on a judgemental level. Instead, we accept these types of multiple births as bountiful Acts of God and are happy and all too ready to lend a hand. In this case, public sentiment has not been so generous.

In this case, nature was left out and instead, science was used to bring each one of these Suleman babies into this world. Is it the responsiblity of physicians to say "NO" to a woman who comes before them asking for more children when she already has six? And what if in two years from now Ms. Suleman is suddenly stuck with the Mothering Itch again; will doctors allow her to be implanted with another 8 embryos? Or maybe this time 9 embryos? Or maybe her lucky number is 13 and she'll try for 13 at one time -- we just don't know.

Maybe it's time some of the doctors and ethicists who decide these things figure it out -- because I just don't get it.