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LAUSD, PTA Moms and our new Hobo Schools

What with all the Holiday Fanfare to attend to, I'm only now catching up with life outside of Planet Doll and came upon this opinion piece published earlier this week in the Lost Angeles Times from Sandra Tsing Loh:

LAUSD needs a pit bull PTA mom [LAT]

In these last few minutes before the inevitable happens and Ramon C. Cortines is named David L. Brewer's successor as superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District, here is a modest proposal: How about a PTA mother for the job?

PTA moms are the very opposite of the $500,000-golden-parachute bureaucrats Brewer has come to represent. PTA moms draw no salary. We work nights, weekends, holidays. We bring our kids' schools new resources every day -- whatever we can load into our minivans. (Binders, colored pencils, toilet paper, snacks, basketball hoops and musical instruments are but some of the items I've seen moms deliver.)

We know not just how to make a dollar stretch but how to make no dollars stretch. (Look how handy we are with scrip, Chuck E. Cheese fundraisers, Vons give-back-to-school cards.) So thrifty are we, it shocks us when our snickerdoodle-baking world meets the LAUSD money-hosing world.
The piece made sense until I read the next paragraph. Ms. Loh goes on a diatribe about rude school office workers and how they should be fired for not paying enough attention to her when she comes into the office:

While we're at it, let's also right-size the budget by firing any LAUSD front office worker who is rude (do you, like me, suddenly see huge, huge savings?).

In this, the 21st century, even fast-food employees greet customers with "Hello! Welcome to McDonald's, may I help you?" Walk into most LAUSD schools and you're treated like a felon -- or more likely, ignored by the sour office drone who refuses to look up from her typing. Get to know us -- we are parents, we are taxpayers, we are your bosses. And if you're at a loss for words, try this: "Hello! May I help you?" If you're lucky, you won't soon have to add: "Welcome to McDonald's!"

Ha. Try dealing with crazy, nutty, demanding diva-parents all day, Sandra. (Special shout-out to Carmen, Maureen, Tiana and Lucia at Beckford)

Finally, she goes on to nominate Sarah Palin for the job of LAUSD Superintendant. Girlfriend, I know you're kidding, but --- that's not even funny. I thought we were all never to utter that name again.

Ugh. There's nothing fun or funny about LAUSD anymore; just sad and scary times for parents who send their kids to our now hobo-style LAUSD schools with no money and apparently, no salvation in sight.

Happy Winter Break, LAUSD! See you in three weeks.