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Winging the angels

Wonkette's Sara K. Smith knows what all the Nate Silver Lovers know: every time Nate's name is published, an angel gets its wings.

Hey gays, you like Nate Silver, yes? He is a vanquisher of angry cursing wingnuts and the sexual mentor to a hot new generation of polynomials. That’s two things to like! In an interview with Queerty he talks about numbers and gay things by explaining why we should blame the passage of California’s Prop. 8 not on black people but on old people of all colors and hues. (You will all click the “MORE” button now because Nate Silver is your new Sarah Palin: sweet sexy pageview bait.) [MORE]

Ahhh, so it wasn't just teh brownz and teh blackz keeping our gheys down ... it was the OLDZ!

Another point Nate raises in the Queerty piece is one made by some late in the No on 8 game: they were sadly lacking in the Fundraising and Messaging Skills.

The Grassroots Monster that was the Obama campaign utilized their mad community organizing skillz in ways the No on 8 people should have been following. It would have been easy enough to piggy-back on such a massive, already-in-place framework of messaging and campaigning.

The point now is not to poo-poo these post-election analysis as just Monday Morning Quarterbacking, but rather view opinions like Nate's as an educated blueprint for the future. Much in the way Dems learned their lesson (and learned it damn well) after the stinging Kerry loss in 2004, No on 8 organizers would do well to study all the angles the Obama campaign covered: grassroots organizing and fundraising, campaign leader and volunteer worker-education, voter information and messaging.

Understandably, this last election season saw the main focus and manpower going to the Presidential race. It wasn't until the appearance of Sarah Palin and the frenzy-driven rise of the Religious Right rearing its ugly head in overwhelming numbers did the No on 8 people have a clue of just how much trouble they were in. By then, it was too late. Having wielded the massive communication tools they had been honing for two years in advance, the Obama campaign was unquestionably, crushingly victorious (not. even. close.) and now the No on 8 organizers need only look to the example of the winning presidential campaign for clues on the steps they should be taking next.