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Sex explains it all

We putative Democrats, wounded for so many years by a political process that rewards segmenting the electorate according to intelligence levels (with the GOP content to aim as low as possible), had an intriguing runup to our convention: a protracted contest between man who doesn't want to be President so much as above-the-fray King, and a woman who didn't want to be President so much as accede the crown as Queen. These two were natural complements to each other, and that is how things remained so close between them for so long.

As Gore Vidal has often said, we can only talk about inconsequential things in American politics because consequential discussions are kept from us by our lunatic media: the media are afraid that because of our perpetually atrophing educational system, they will lose attention and control if they talk about real issues, which we might not understand.

And among inconsequential political matters, sex is most inconsequential of all; yet because it is one topic that even Americans can understand, it determines much in American political life, more than ever, in fact.

Hillary is seen as a victim because of sex; and the key voting block of over-50 women, the first veterans of the sexual revolution, aren't anxious to let go of her victimization, even now. Obama is seen as a charmer---and villified by the opposition as a celebrity---because of sex appeal. And, consistent with the psychology of being held prisoner for a long time, it has become increasingly obvious that the now doddering, geriatric McCain, even uncertain of the number of houses he owns, has been content to be a submissive, kept man for much of his adult life.

It's no wonder he has such a fabled angry streak. But it has really never let up, this oversexualizing of politics: even as the GOP tried to destroy Clinton over his intern, Bob Dole was becoming a spokesman for erectile dysfunction. Really, it should have been Elizabeth.

But in this tawdry context, I think it only appropriate that Joe Biden, who presided over the oversexualized Anita Hill hearings that started all this dilapidation within American political discourse (after, of course, Bush I's insane nomination of Clarence Thomas, which really started it), be invited to join in, and I'm anxious to see how McCain completes the quartet and brings this long, sad, sexually overcoded era of American politics to full fruition at long last.