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Around an increasingly awful Town

JM, Griffith Observatory quilt through library window, 5.27.08

The poster known as Petrafried has laid out the case against Tom LaBonge as wannabe Griffith Park developer. LaBonge has always given the impression of a sense of propriety towards Griffith Park, but mosty, Rec and Parks, one of the City's best run Departments, is just waiting until he's termed out. The community as far as I know has enormous confidence in Rec and Parks, and far less in Tom LaBonge, who wants to carve up and reinvent the Park in his own looney image.

g An occasional print scribe named Sean Mitchell tore into Patrick Frey yesterday for Patrick suggesting to Warren Olney last night that bloggers are competing with print scribes. Olney himself was surprisingly patronizing towards Frey. Mitchell writes pure puff-pastry fluff and my guess is he'll find out soon enough who the competition is.

g Real estate troubles have hit the celebrity class. Beyond Ed McMahon, Jose Canseco stopped making payments, and Angela Bassett and Courtney Vance's manse in Hancock Park has dropped over two million in value.

g A nineteen hour layover leads a traveler to conclude that LAX is the worst airport in the world. "“Africa, Asia, South America… I’ve not been through a single airport in any of these developing countries with an airport as putrid as LAX. If I’d been forced to spend one more hour in LAX I would have jumped in front of a plane. Although another hour of breathing L.A. air or eating the available food probably would have killed me anyway."

g Garcetti says he's for Hollywood, but won't go so far as to say he's behind the actor's union. Drill down into the Daily News article and you'll see he and LaBonge want action against runaway production---something that's not at issue between union and management.

g Kerry Cavanaugh has explored the degree to which the City's trash fee is indeed being spent on cops or public safety, and how far short it falls. The article demonstrates the degree to which the Mayor's office is willing to decieve the voters, using the good name of the police to pay for whatever the Mayor wants to use a fee for. The trick is a Parke Skelton classic, and we've seen it involved with just about every bond, fee measure, and linkage fee.

g A few days old, but hilarious: the observation that Special Order 40 means that criminals have to show less ID than golfers do to golf on City courses.

g I was downtown last night and it just didn't have the vibe it did a year ago. Someone noted to me that not being able to see the Staples Center from as many vistas as before, because of LA Live, has diminished the profile and importance of the arena. Between the developments on west Second/Glendale and the freeway is a no-person's-land with twelve-foot-graffiti at every space; likely the consequence of letting graffiti artists tool around the old subway tunnel for so many years, with the City's blessing. Someone should pin down the new Cultural Affairs chief on graffiti policy: Al Nodal supported street art and Olga Garay, another Department head from out of town, is a Nodal crone.