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Morning Eye-Opener

Everyone is waiting to see what the last of that Labor money will do for Ridley-Thomas. The fact that a third of it is being spent late may be an error; most people in the district seem to have made up their minds. And this op-ed didn't help R-T, nor did the Times' phantom endorsement of Parks. All eds I've spoken to are for R-T but think Parks will win safely, maybe 55-45.

g Fire damage at a Christian church overnight, this one in Wilmington. Arson team investigating.

g No 2 Home Depot says that Home Depot be a no-show at the next scheduled face-off with the Sunland Tujunga groups that oppose the Foothill store.

g Ron Kaye likes the idea of there being a Judge J.K. Hahn.

g Elvis Costello opened for Sting last night at the Hollywood Bowl, Sting joined him on stage for Alison, and then Elvis headed off to the El Rey for a free set. Sounds like quite a night under the stars in the right sections. But here's an all-too-familiar story of a bummer evening at the Bowl. Be sure you're either not near stoners, or be sure you're one yourself.

g At MayorSam, they agree: the Mayor's announced trip to Israel is more vacation junket than vital journey. One of our rivers is being named the sister river of one of theirs. And maybe H. David Nahai, who's tagging along, is going to teach people how to drain the Dead Sea.