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Morning Eye-Opener

If you're looking to gain some bearings on local politics quickly, read this Orlov roundup: "Times are bleaker than bleak for LA Republicans," etc. Antonio and Council expecting a hard time in asking the voters for more money in November, Zev as always calling for further study on something, Ridley-Thomas registering Obama voters, the usual bedlam in the 40th AD, problems at BONC and DONE, etc. It used to be that good blog writing sounded like good newspaper writing; now, it's more like the better newspaper writing gets, the more it sounds like good blog writing.

g If you follow State politics, the Sacto Bee's Dan Weintraub also writes roundups like this, roundups that get to lots of core issues and key conflicts quickly.

g Everyone has an opinion on keeping animals caged animals in zoos. It's about time that the animals themselves were heard from. An orangutan tried to escape from the LA Zoo this weekend. He was very polite about it.

g The Former Fishwrap Of Record, ever fearless in its local coverage, now tries to blow the cover off of...the California roll. How hard would it be to do a bona fide expose on photo tickets, complete with Council vote records and memos? Everyone knows the City shaved time on the yellow lights to collect more revenue. Even so, the Times is tentative, fiddling with the right-turn offenders, even employing the blogger's trick of adding a question mark to the head when you're not really sure...

g Speaking of the FFOR, if you missed the sourcing background of the Fleischman Hillard / DWP billing story when it was fresh and new, and you somehow care about it, someone left a comment up at Ron Kaye's blog describing some of it. The post says that a key whistleblower was the daughter of a former Times senior editor, and hired at FH by another former Times senior editor, who now spins for UCLA. The stories the Times (ceaselessly) ran about FH billing mentioned neither fact, but it seems worthwhile knowing and stowing.

g Keep checking on your daily rounds---it's a lot of fun over there. And if the local news is sounding more and more like a MayorSam Hotsheet or Exclusive, you can guess that that blog has more influence than is comfortable for most.