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Morning Eye-Opener

Joseph Mailander elsewhereemail

The City responds to the overtime story in the Daily News. But what I wonder: why didn't Laura Chick's office identify this problem? She is so busy sticking her nose into everyone's accounting, and sometimes it seems for political purposes---how is it that she never issued this kind of report? The Daily News had to fight---through her office---for the data.

g A cranky org named Friends of the Taxpayer takes a similar line of inquiry. "The Dailey [sic] News obtained this information under the California Public Records Act. That’s great but this information should be continuously and readily available to all, no request or breaking through bureaucratic red tape required, so that Los Angeles taxpayers can see how their money is spent – just as over 15 ENTIRE states have done or are in the process of doing."

g Why would the former fishwrap of record even bother reviewing James Frey's awful book when they miss so much great local fiction? Oh, I remember: Russ Stanton needs to "capture eyeballs."

g Here's a book they should review: John Shannon's The Devils of Bakersfield. A book which actually took some courage to write.

g While I love reading comments and they are part of the whole purpose of the blog, sometimes I am disappointed in the commenters here, and yesterday was one of those days. When you make me take the time to read comments not only for content but for deletion as well, you cut against your own purposes: the more you bicker with each other, the less the comments get read; eventually you'll make your case to nobody at all, instead of the readers of a well-trafficked blog. You can interact with me all you want, and my email address couldn't be any more available; but if you are here to harass each other, then I have to do what works best for the blog, even for your own voices.

Yesterday I had to take the comments completely offline. Someone had taken the trouble to fake a post as a newsmaker. I did not enjoy being obliged to confirm whether the post was a hoax or not, but I had to do the responsible thing and do so. It blew a tire in part of my day; if I had blown a tire in yours, I suspect you'd be fairly upset. Try to get your acts together and not to mess with mine.

g That said, comments can also be golden. A reader wrote yesterday, Why doesn't the City promote carpooling more? No kidding. The Mayor and all Councilpeople should commute with a constituent into downtown one day a week. They might learn how people are actually experiencing this City.