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Morning Eye-Opener

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BongHwan Kim
dispels the notion of never taking an interim position: he'll be installed as General Manager of the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment by City Council today. He holds a Master's degree in public administration from Harvard. He was a Korean-African American relations specialist before civil service, once co-chair of the Korean-Black Alliance, exec director of the MultiCultural Collaborative, and has taught a class on the 1992 riot at UCLA. He has friends in both the Mayor's office and in the ACLU, so that should also dispel the notion of DONE as a glorified homeowners association.

I hope it wasn't new top ed Carolina Garcia who chose this yawner to be the top story today at the Daily News. "Court System Swamped by Trust Reviews"---jeez, nine-tenths of your readers don't know what a trust review is...

Of course, the problems are only more hilarious on Spring Street. Regarding the former fishwrap of record, Kevin almost stated some personal opinions in a general Times rant softy focused on the target-rich environment that is Lee Abrams.

But at least this clarification makes more sense than some of Abrams' previous messages. Still to be clarified — and it's crucial because they are in competition — is which "soul" and electric identity should inform the paper's future? The non-white city of upwardly aspiring immigrants that shapes almost everything in L.A. except media coverage? The mostly white Downtown-to-Westside niche that drives the local media today? The relatively few wired yuppies the Times' website and entertainment coverage increasingly target? Or the millions beyond L.A. in the SoCal suburbs who look to Downtown for approximately nothing in the way of culture, lifestyle or soul? I don't know...
OK, he doesn't know. But the rant was pretty good, sketching out possible souls. It does not, however, entertain the notion that the Times' doesn't have have a soul by design. That would be my own theory. As I keep saying, it's an abomination to hear an editor boasting about links from Drudge and traffic to pet blogs---and David Markland's Tam O'Shanter question "Where is LOS ANGELES in the online mix?" is all that really needs to be asked. Kevin wants the paper to have a soul, but in fact it already has one: it's the soul of a puta who suddenly thinks there might be a few more bucks in being leered at rather than admired.

And it's owned by one who leers rather than admires, so that figures.

Do you ever think the people downtown get a little carried away with the hype: Debbie Kim, a producer at Fox, sorta guest blogged for skidrowdude and raves about downtown and her Higgins Building.

"And our building faces this changing of the guard, as a constant representative of our new community. "The Higgins Building is the headquarters of the people of the New Downtown Los Angeles. And behind us is the rest of the new downtown neighbors looking to us for leadership. We are at the helm, the driver seat of our growing neighborhood. We have huge influence over what happens here for decades to come. That’s quite a charge... "

It reminds me of Rumsfeld talking about Old Europe and New Europe.