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Cinco de Mayo

JM, Lynn, Cinco de Mayo 2008, 5.5.08

Joseph Mailander elsewhereemail

There's really only one story around here today: after seven months away, Lynn went back to work.

I don't need to tell you much more; you probably already know what and where and who and how. You know about her hard hard surgery October 4 and the diagnosis. You know how we chose to talk about it, not as crusaders, but simply as a part of life, a part that certainly demands an enormous amount of attention, but yet should remain in our opinion simply one dimension of life to manage. You know how while ovarian cancer is a stiff sentence, it's no longer a hopeless one, and how treatment is still evolving, and word about it is finally beginning to get out. You know about her five-and-a-half months of double-dose chemotherapy. You know how fearlessly she's faced her malady. You know how through it all it was she was the one with all the strength while we lesser others were simply obliged to marvel.

Five years ago, I did a series of photographs of Lynn going to work. They were all pretty much like this one: no matter the morning, no matter the circumstances, Lynn always runs everything, does everything, achieves everything, and wants to do it all and carry it all herself. And that was the point of the series: Lynn takes time to look great, dress great, and still does more in a day than most of us can dream of doing in a week.

I find it especially rich that today that on the way out, she thought at the last second to pick up the empty bottle of champagne a local editor thoughtfully brought over yesterday. While ending chemo was one celebration for Lynn, going back to work is cause for another; the path she's walked has always been incredible and exemplary, but these past seven months especially so. Have a great Cinco, and thanks for your best thoughts through it all!