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Morning Eye-Opener

JM, Incinerator, Commonwealth, Los Feliz, 4.21.08

Want to review the whole proposed City budget? Here. It's a pdf, be careful. Thanks to the Daily News. Also be warned: it's really not interesting.

That budget is over $7 billion. The increase over last year is $193 million in a far tougher time. Why? Why any increase? Public safety, street repairs and traffic signals get the increases. How they want to pay for the increases: trash fees, parking fees, golf fees all increase. What about those tennis ruffians? Do they get out of fee-jail free?

On the eve of the Pennsylvania primary, Hillary plays to fears rather than hopes, with a fearmongering ad featuring Pearl Harbor and Osama. The Demo-on-Demo ad may actually inspire Howard Dean to intercede more forcefully if Hill doesn't win by more than double digits. I found this article by Rahm Emanuel, the Rep most responsible for the Demos' gains in 2006, interesting: Suburbs are key to Democratic victory.

Aggregate polling gives Hillary +6. Internet influence: Kos and his crew slimed Emanuel quite a bit in 2006 and Emanuel didn't strike back much---nothing like Hillary striking back at MoveOn. I think the biggest mistake of the past seven weeks, between the last big primary and Pennsylvania today, was not any of Barack's comments, nor even the Hillary-under-fire story, but Hillary's pronounced dissing of MoveOn. That all but defined her as not of the Democratic wing of the Democratic party, even more than her national security pandering.

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