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I Dont Trust Facebook Anymore

It's difficult to figure out an appropriate response to Facebook snuggling up so openly to the Clinton campaign – but I feel I have to figure one out now. I have used Facebook for a long time, as a general user and as a writer offering books to the public. In the past year I've had increasing concerns about the company's political orientation. Those concerns reached critical mass yesterday when I read of Dustin Moskovitz's $20 million donation in support of Hillary. Moskovitz, a Facebook co-founder, no longer works with FB, but he is very much a part of Facebook's Silicon Valley zeitgeist and still very much benefits from his relationship to the company.

If Facebook were a news organization, I would stop clicking as much as possible over this. If it were my telephone company, I would still be obliged to use the company, but seek another provider if possible. But the fact is, Facebook is so comprehensive in its communications services that I use it as a news organization, a telephone company, and for other kinds of now-essential life and work experiences too. And the fact also is, I don't like these politically colored donations one bit, because they are open solicitations of favor from a future Department of Justice that Facebook needs to remain friendly towards when organizing future acquisition efforts.

I didn't want to think through the ramifications at this time, but Zuckerberg's, Sandberg's, and now Moskovitz's too-close relationship to the Clintons is troubling me too much not to consider it.

So going forward, and until the company makes a broader commitment to politics that all Americans can honor, I will not be using the site as a way to communicate with a broader public. I have already taken down my various author and book pages there. I will continue to be listed there, and I will continue to use its Messenger feature; these are essential tools of present day research and factfinding, especially for political and media communications. But I will not be contributing anything there for communication with a broader public. Because what Zuckerberg, Sandberg, and their proxy pol Mostkovitz are doing within the news and communications organizations I find patently hostile to the democratic regulation of a monopolist-oriented global corporation.