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The border of his sanctuary

LA dashboard, Guadalupe, phony rose, dried palms, scattered prayer cards, Spanish Bible open to salmos 78 and 79, Griffith Park Boulevard, 7.23.14.

The Alarcón Verdict

I am saddened that this ignorant jury could not find it in themselves to step outside of our equally ignorant civic laws and administer real justice to a man standing a purely political trial at the hands of a politically craven District Attorney.

The Alarcón Trial

Richard Alarcón once said to me (and Debbie Cortez Lopez) that "housing is a civil right." He was conflating some of his earlier work in the City of Los Angeles with some more recent ambitions of his to get Latinos into houses in his Council district.


Now that I am done listening to Mahler, back to this moving crisis. This immigration crisis is getting muddier politically as it wears on. You would be justified to be exhausted by it. But everyone who lives in politics knows that it's your exhaustion that is counted on. As I was telling a local Latino educator here earlier, I believed Obama yesterday but believe him less to-day. One thing I believe from what the Republicans are saying is that most of the children and most of the parents won't show up for immigration hearings anyway. (I much doubt they're really showing up for the Dream Act guarantees, the other thing Republicans are saying).  Therefore, why do we need to spend so much money? Three point seven billion pencils out to over $70,000 a child. Children are already being bussed to churches for relocation "until their hearings" that most of them won't attend. I don't want the money Americans are thinking goes to children really going to lawyers. Let the children slip into America via the back door — that's what their parents were content with anyway — but let's not spend more on them than we are spending on the June Iraq advisors supplemental.

Courage to Change

This is more in step with the demands of reality: Mayor Eric Garcetti has appointed a brand developer and entrepreneur, Courtney Reum, to the Los Angeles Convention Center Authority commission. Reum was an investment banker at Goldman Sachs and his own company is notable.  He has a BA from Columbia and is an alum of Harvard Business School.

Compare that to the kind of appointments Garcetti was making this time last year.


Noted: degree to which Federal Promise Zone (inset), designated six months ago, overlaps high concentrations of Central Americans in LA, to which immigrants clearing detention are likely to head. Also noting that lead agency in Promise Zone area is youth-oriented: Youth Policy Institute.

LA to Absorb 5,000-10,000 Central Americans

This is the flip side of taking all that Federal money: Eric Garcetti has to do what the Feds want him to do.

The Drama of the One-Way Ticket

So many of my best acquaintances, including my wife and both my parents, and many friends and many co-workers, have bought one-way tickets involving America, either coming or going. To those who come here, we are a nation that holds truths to be self-evident, and equality to be a part of creation; to those who leave, we are a place that does not honor that promise, and for whom such claims are the usual false advertising. But always, regardless of whether coming or going, it is something in America and not elsewhere that is being challenged: either its promise or its failed promise.